A preschool that enhances the supreme qualities of each individual child and is synonymous with Excellence.

“If you are like most parents, you want your child to be educated in an environment which enables the child to discover the wonders of childhood” – through creative play and social interaction.


We believe Kidz Supreme International Preschool & Day care is such a place.

The essence of learning at Kidz Supreme International is a combination of academics and activities with the freedom to explore, express and enquire. Because a child learns best, when there is no pressure on him/her.

At Kidz Supreme International best Preschool in Powai, Mumbai, we are constantly at work to create innovative teaching aids, games and activities and skillfully crafted workbooks exclusively for our students. Therefore the children from Kidz Supreme International are usually more confident, aware and socially conscious. The confidence that the child acquires at Kidz Supreme International gives him leadership qualities and he is groomed ideally, to fit into any, top of the line formal school and prepared to face all challenges without flinching in the years to follow.

Our Programs

Research has shown that 80% of the child’s mental development happens up to the age of 4 years.

Therefore these formative years in the child’s life are much more than just ‘child’s play’.

Play Group

1.6 To 2.6 Years

Children in this age group are filled with energy, curiosity and a new sense of increasing independence. They are highly active and interested in objects and people around them….


2.6 To 3.6 Years

At this impressionable age where the basic attitude and character of the child is formed. They require a stimulating environment that caters to the inquisitive mind, physical…

Jr. KG

3.6 To 4.6 Years

By this age, the children are quite independent, responsible and ready to move ahead and beyond their immediate surroundings. At this age they are ready to dive…

Sr. KG

4.6 To 6 Years

Opening their young minds to dramatization, stories and themes based learning of activities is not only an enchanting experience, but adds to the expansion of…

Day Care

6 Months To 8 Years +

Children are like little flowers; they are varied and need care. Each of them are beautiful in their own special individuality and define their own glorious ways…

Mother Toddler

4 Months +

Children at any age enjoy interacting or having someone of their age or group around especially when they have a familiar face to accompany them at this tender age…

Cubs & Teddies

6 Months +

In today’s world with with working parents crave for a crèche with a happy hygienic and homely atmosphere. With a big crawling area, baby gym and an eye…


2.5 To 16 Years +

KSI Activity Club has a wide variety of after school activities, for children of all ages. Between 2.5 years – 16 years. Dancing (contemporary & Zumba) Singing, Abacus, Phonics…

KSI Activity Club

KSI Activity Club has a wide variety of after school activities for children of all ages. Between 2.5 to 16 years.

Dancing (contemporary & Zumba) Singing, Abacus, Phonics and Reading , Drawing, Skating, Martial Arts, Football, Fitness fun, Chess & Robotics, Zumba classes for teens & Adults, Birthday parties too.


2 - Years + & 4 - Years +


3 - Years +

Martial Arts

3 - Years +


2.5 - Years +

Music Classes


Phonic Classes




Birthday Parties


The play zone & gardens are given for birthday parties

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