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Play Group

1.6 To 2.6 Years

Children in this age group are filled with energy, curiosity and a new sense of increasing independence. They are highly active and interested in objects and people around them.

KSI begins the day with free play and interaction with peers. This is a good booster in language development, socializing, sharing and caring along with montessori led activities.

We firmly believing in our Indian ethos, we start the circle time with chanting of the "Om jaap” and recital of “Gaytri Mantra” followed by prayers in English. Fun counting, phonic songs and theme based rhyme flow on. Later on we shift our base to all the outdoor activities which is related to gross motor and fine motor movements.

Teachers introduce the children to the world of stories, books, puppet shows and dramatized enacting of stories like ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Goldilocks And The Three Bears’ and list is endless.

Children are then left to explore the fun of beautiful garden or the gym every day.

Kinder music is introduced to children with egg shakers, bells and pee ka boo scarves.

Dancing is introduced with fun and happy songs, for balanced body movements. and hand foot and body co ordination.


2.6 To 3.6 Years

At this impressionable age where the basic attitude and character of the child is formed. They require a stimulating environment that caters to the inquisitive mind, physical, intellectual, social, lingual and self-actualization needs.

The child is exposed to close to real life experiences and experiments like, nature walk, watching rain creatures and enjoying wet grass, leaves etc.

The child gets a hands on experience of what a 'rain cycle’ is, 'the germination of seeds’ & how 'a plant grows'. The children are then encouraged to ask questions in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding.

Learning is made fun by creating an environment where teachers roll - play of various situations.

We create close to real "visit to vegetables market" ...."visit to a mall" And " visit to a Zoo" All in the safety and comfort of our school.

Picnics, are organised and parents of Playgroup and Nursery children can join in .

An annual & sports day are experiences that are added to children’s growth and confidence.

A harmonious co – existence of cultures is sprinkled with an ambience of mutual respect for all beings & festivals are celebrated with equal fervour be it Janmashtami, Eid, Gurunanak Jayanti, Navroze or Halloween.

Lots of Montessori activities are introduced for “HEH” (Hand Eye Head) co-ordination that prepare the hands and fingers for writing, before starting “pattern writing” of letters of Alphabets & Numbers.

Children enjoy learning with help of talking books, made by experts in the field of child education.

Jolly phonic rhymes help children to read even before they write.

I-Pad based learning is avoided , unless we are forced into it , by unavoidable circumstances.

Children are appreciated for their efforts, boosting their self-esteem, alongside made responsible for their actions.

Kinder music continues and children enjoy, singing and making music.

Dancing is Continued with fun and happy songs, for balanced body movements. and hand foot and body co ordination.

Jr.KG & Sr.KG

3.6 To 4.6 Years & 4.6 To 6 Years

By this age, the children are quite independent, responsible and ready to move ahead and beyond their immediate surroundings. At this age they are ready to dive in a Whole new world. From oceans to continents, people around the world to our country . Students enjoy refering to innumerable talking books, that make learning fun and adventurous.

Monthly themes and projects are introduced to build awareness about environment and issues related to it. They get hands on experience of concepts through abundant activities, so they understand, enjoy, appreciate and value the world they live in.

Kindergarteners alongside learn the letters of alphabet, their phonic sounds and to form sound words through Montessori based learning.

Numbers, are done with number-names and number-values.

Hindi letters are along side introduced in Jr.Kg and written in Sr.Kg.

Opening their young minds to dramatization, stories and themes based learning of activities is not only an enchanting experience, but adds to the expansion of linguistic skills, awareness, expression and imagination.

They become role models to the younger children and understand their responsibility, which adds a new dimension to their personality especially when they conduct themselves during games.

Yoga, recital of mantras with meanings, music and movement is an integral part of each and every day so that each child not only learns but is an overall good human being.

In house water play, various activites and experiences of people and places around are a part of fun learning.

Kinder music gives children a sense of understanding and appreciation for music.

Mother Toddler

6 Months +

Children at any age enjoy interacting or having someone of their age or group around especially when they have a familiar face to accompany them at this tender age.

The young infant explores the beautiful world of music, puppets and stories in its own way moving fingers, toes, hands and legs to the rhythm of music and using musical instruments like egg shakers and bells. Also water fun games and parachute ball play alongside a recognizable adult is an icing on the cake.

This time of relaxing and fun with your child rejuvenates the mother and helps in the bonding with their parents.

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