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Kidz Supreme offers a harmonious blend of the world class educational technique synthesized with the best in Indian culture.

A green environment to keep the children away from air and noise pollution. We take pride in an environment where once a child enters; he is so mesmerized by it that he is unable to withdraw from it.

Our school and day care is an experience that stays with the child and becomes a part of his self. The numerous events and festivals in which every child participates, leads to their rounded personal development and stage exposure makes them confident.

Picnics, outings and an abundance of projects and innovative learning help the children in acquiring knowledge of the world around them.

KSI has a vast reservoir of experienced staff that has moulded thousands of little children in their formative years. Each classroom is equipped with materials pertaining to varied aspects of intelligence and personality.

Freedom To Explore

Make Learning Fun

Freedom To Express

Holistic Development of the Child
at Kidz Supreme International

Research has shown that 80% of the child’s mental development happens up to the age of 4 years.

Therefore these formative years in the child’s life are much more than just ‘child’s play’.

Fine & Gross Motor Play

Fine Motor Play includes puzzles, beads, clay, Montessori based activities under the guidance of trained instructors. Gross Motor Play includes a number of gym and outdoor play activities like see-saw, slide, soft gym equipments, walking on the line.

Creative Art, Exploration & Imagination

Creative Art, Exploration and Imagination through fun activities of coloring, tearing, pasting and sticking. Exploration and Imagination by creating and building Malls, Hospitals, School and Houses with blocks and other materials available at hand.

Music & Dance

By introducing Dance & Music to children at a young age, the children over come all inhibitions and music & rhythm becomes a part of their life. Children are introduced to simple hand and feet co-ordinated movements.

Language Development

Language development through Picture reading books, Show & Tell activities, Enacting and Rhymes.

Imagination & Quite Play

Imagination and Quite Play includes Doll play, Kitchen sets, Blocks, Beach sets, Brush and Dust-pan. Montessori based Sorting, Pouring and Silence activities.

Jolly Phonic Sessions

Jolly Phonic Sessions by Phonic experts and ETL learning books help children to learn the right phonic sounds and in reading.

Settling Down In School

Every parent wants their little ones to have a hail and hearty start at the school, in the first few weeks when the child is settling down in the new environment.

At Kidz Supreme, we work towards eliminating this trauma and make it fun for parent and child by letting the parents be a part of settling down with Kindermusik, Painting, Puppet Show, Story Time and Gym fun for parents and Children for a week or more in the new session.

Since all children are individuals, some may take fairly no time to accept and adapt to new settings and routine, others may take a bit longer than usual to feel at ease and protected.

Don’t worry its not strange for kids to call for a little superfluous help to fine tune the start of school or daycare and deal with the initial separation anxiety.

Our teachers are well trained to take care of these needs of the children during the settling time and through the years, and the teachers are handpicked for their love and understanding for children.


At Kidz Supreme, we feel the responsibility to work hand in hand with parents to imbibe in children the basic ethos of Indian culture — LOVE & RESPECT for grandparents and elderly, AFFECTION towards peers and not so privileged. COMPASSION, CONCERN & KINDNESS towards animals, birds and plants.


We start the day with “Om Jaap” and Gayatri mantra and over months go on to introducing more mantras & shloks with meanings, so that children understand what they recite.

“Yoga for Kids” & "Laughing Yoga" is introduced and practiced regularly both indoors in the gym and outdoors in the lap of greenery. “World Yoga day” is celebrated like a festival and we proudly display our children’s yoga exercise and asans on our sports day.

For togetherness and communal harmony we celebrate all festivals be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Guru Parabh, Eid or Christmas with the same joy and enthusiasm, because we know that children have photogenic brains, where everything leaves an imprint. We instil, family values in them by celebrating fathers, mothers and grandparents day and strive to make them understand the genesis and impact of these events.

Our philosophy for the child is



We are also aware that the child of today is the expression of the ’process of evolution’ and our dynamically paced civilization.

We continuously strive towards providing an intellectually stimulating environment that caters to the child’s inquisitive mind, encourages his lingual and self actualization needs.

No one understands a child, as well as a parent & teacher does. The child flies high when the parents and teacher’s love gives him the wings of confidence, to build a place in the sky.

The teacher lovingly and methodically introduces all activities to the child. The child then has the freedom to choose according to his needs, interest and aptitude and is also free to learn at this own pace. The child who learns in such a way gets the freedom of pace of learning and remains for even eager and spontaneous to learn.

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