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Beiba has been enjoying coming to Kidz Supreme. This is the second year and we as parents are also very content and happy with the way the child is growing and participating in activities such as dancing, skating, football. Beiba is growing well and we observe the development in her thinking pattern. The teachers, principal
Mannat & Gagan
Thank you for nurturing Kyle, we can see the difference in him everyday. He loves to come to school, and especially enjoys the time spent outdoors. The teaching style and the teachers are great. The kids learn by observation, which is the best way to learn. Thank you and keep the good work.
Kyle’s Mom
Vidyut is very happy to come to school and that happiness has validated our decision and choice of school for him. He has learnt a lot from here and I hear a lot about what he does and learns in school. Thank you for engaging the children well and giving them great beginning in education by making learning fun, exciting and a daily part of life. we are happy with all the activities he is a part of.
Ariana is in KSI since her Playgroup. she enjoys all the activities here. She has greatly benefitted from all the outdoor activities in this school. The personalized attention that every student gets here is much appreciated. Also the no-rush relaxed environment helps the child to give more time to attend to their creative side. This is a happy and loving environment to be in and we are happy to be a part of this family.
Rumila & Debashish
Riaansh has started going to Kidz supreme since he was 20 months. He really enjoys it here. His speech has improved. He has become more friendly. The teachers are very nice and take care of Riaansh. I love the fact that the school celebrated lot of festivals and involve the kids in them. Thank you for everything.
Yashas is excited to go to school inspite of having spent 2years already here. This was unexpected, we had expected him to crib and cry when he joined Sr. KG and knowing many of his Jr. KG friends had left to big school. But he enjoys the activities, has made friends and likes the learning he gets here. All in all, its a good environment provided by the school and its staff. Keep it up.
I’m extremely happy with Rishan’s development and learning curve. He has become very curious to learn things and the best part is his liking towards listening stories. I would really like to thank all the teachers for their constant support and encouragement. Thanking you all with sincerity.
Rupal Agarwal
Excellent place. Very good staff, safe and innovative for kids. It has a very big open green area for the kids , which is an added advantage.
Arti Kansara
The School is doing an excellent job in building Vinaya’s cognitive, verbal abilities. She has become very vocal and has started developing good social skills, thanks to the efforts of the teachers. she enjoys her time in school and looks forward every morning to come here. The feedback provided by the teachers shows that she has observed the child very well and understands her extremely well. “keep up the good work” We are happy that we choose this school for her.
Tasmai has benefitted immensely from musical sessions, Play area and the real life simulation activities like zoo, vegetable market and the Mall. He speaks fondly of his teachers and didis too. I always find him happy and joyful when I come to pick him up. The library service has been really loved by him.
Varun has become more free and outgoing. Mingles much more than before. He loves coming to school and takes his bag even on holidays ready to step out…. He used to be a super cranky kid. Thanks a zillion for all the efforts and mostly love that you all give which has made him a happier person.
Hina Sawlani
Reva started going to Kidz Supreme in Jan 2018. I’m very happy with the teachers and overall environment at the school. Teachers are very understanding about the kids weakness and different nature. They are not pushy and make the place comfortable and enjoyable for a shy kid like Reva. Thank you very mush and I really wish that I should have enrolled her here earlier.
Reva Patra’s Mom
Shivaansh was 16 months old when he came to Kidz Supreme. Today he is 4.5 years and I’ve seen tremendous change all these years. All this is because of the hard work & care the teachers and didis have put in. In the beginning he used to cry while coming, now there is a smile and eagerness to come to school and daycare. Teachers and didis are very approachable, understanding and caring. Lot of love, blessing and respect to all of them associated with Kidz Supreme.
Shreya Shetty

Google Reviews

Priyanka Lad
Priyanka Lad
08:30 08 Dec 23
I don't have any complaints regarding school. Their teacher and nannies are loving..Ample play space.Treating all child equally and handling them with so much care. It's a gem..
Rajesh D
Rajesh D
09:24 02 Nov 23
Best preschool and loving daycare
Jasjit Bhatia
Jasjit Bhatia
09:16 07 Jul 23
A safe and great learning place for little kids.The lush green and beautiful infra structure makes it an ideal place for a child to enjoy nature and appreciate their learning and play spaces.
poonam fialok
poonam fialok
08:47 07 Jul 23
Best school n day care with very supportive mentors❤️
Merle Noon ha
Merle Noon ha
10:52 06 Jun 23
Thank you Kidz Supreme. Both my kids loved being in Day care. You made it like 2nd home for them. Teachers and staff are adorable. Last but not least the kids engagement activities are fantastic.
Sameer Tambe
Sameer Tambe
09:49 23 May 23
I highly recommend this daycare for its exceptional care and engaging activities. The playing area is absolutely beautiful, providing a wonderful space for children to explore and have fun. The surrounding area is also spacious, allowing for plenty of outdoor activities. Overall, it's a fantastic daycare option that I would highly recommend to any parent.
Divya Sharda
Divya Sharda
02:42 11 May 23
This school was a blessing for my daughter. It is a beautiful, safe, loving space for children with the right attitude towards learning and growth. The teachers are so warm and principal is very approachable. The space is a boon..with a large garden and we still miss the school.
Elton Dsilva
Elton Dsilva
03:43 30 Apr 23
Kids Supreme International Powai is a wonderful place for kids. My daughter joined the school for nursery and enjoyed every moment being there. She has become extremely confident and independent.The school facilities, teachers and the staff is excellent and very dedicated.They have beautiful garden and play zone for children to play around.Teachers give each kid a lot of attention and know them very well. The school teaches extremely good values, manners and eating habits to kids apart from their curriculum.They also conduct programs .. annual day, sports day .etc very well ... children are given ample opportunities to participateIts a blessing to have such a school for my kid!
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